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House Named Player of the Week

Posted by Falcons Fan on February 14, 2011

Post player Taylor House (Maple Grove, MN, Maple Grove) had a solid game for the Falcons on Saturday at No. 4 ranked UW-Stevens Point. House, 5-11, scored 13 points and led the Falcons with nine rebounds. She was 5-11 from the field and 3-5 at the line. House also had three steals in 34 minutes of playing time. 

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Taylor House Named Player of the Week Dec 12-18

Posted by Falcons Fan on December 22, 2010

Post player Taylor House (Maple Grove, MN, Maple Grove) helped the Falcons to two non-conference wins last week. House, 5-11, scored a career-high 24 points in the team’s 71-57 win over Concordia. She finished 11-17 (.647) from the field. In the two games she was 16-23 (.695) from the field and 4-10 (.400) from the line for 36 points. She also had 13 rebounds, four assists, two blocks and four steals in 62 minutes of playing time. She made just three turnovers in the two games.  

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Taylor in the House Saturday night

Posted by Falcons Fan on December 19, 2010

When Taylor House walked into the Karger Center Saturday she was wearing her superman cape. “IT was a special day for me because I was at my high school alumni night on Friday night and I was honored with a superman cape. It was a big game going into the Holiday break and it was important to go into the break with a win. Coach would not let me wear the cape but it did inspire me” said House.

Taylor had 24 points, 7 rebounds and one foul. “I want to thank the ref’s for letting me play my game” Taylor said.

Coach Babler said “Taylor is very talented and can do this for us. We would like to see her play each game with 10 plus points and 10 plus rebounds along with great defense”

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40 Questions with UW River Falls Women’s Basketball Player Junior Taylor Jae House

Posted by Falcons Fan on September 28, 2010

1­Parent(s) name(s):

 Grant and Julie House

  2­Home town and School: 

Maple Grove, Maple Grove Senior High


Elementary Education Minor: Coaching

 4­My Friends Call Me:


 5­Favorite College Class:

Psychology of Coaching

 6­Favorite Quote:  

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
~ Michael Jordan

 7­What is your favorite spot on campus?:

The UC

 8­What makes you laugh? 

My Roommates

 9­Advice I’d give a young athlete:  

Do the best you can and always be there for your teammates

 10­In my free time I like to: 

hangout with friends, go shopping, play with my puppy Layla, and hangout with my boyfriend Scott. 

 11­Pre­game Superstition:  

I have to do the exact same thing for every game!

 12­One word that best describes me: 


 13­Nobody knows how much I love to: 

Get a pedicure

 14­If I weren’t playing basketball I would be:  

 15­The best thing about attending UWRF (school or/and city) is:

All the amazing friends I met!

 16­My dream job would be: 

Second Grade School Teacher and a basketball coach after school.

 17­If you could be on the cover of a magazine, it would be? Why?

EVERYDAY with Rachel Ray, because I love to cook!

 18­My greatest sports moment was: 

Beating Stevens Point at Home last year!!!!! J

 19­What would you like to learn and achieve this sports season? 

I would like to learn I would like to achieve being a good teammate and being there for them all the time. 

 20­Describe an ideal teammate: 

Someone you can always count on.

 21-My secret addiction is…

Redvines licorice

 22­What is one word you hope to use to describe yourself in ten 

         years?  Happy J

 23­What’s one television show that you can’t miss each week?

Grey’s Anatomy

  24-Before each game, I…

Make a visit to the training room!

 25­ What is your biggest pet peeve? 

People who chew with their mouth open and make mouth noises!

 26­ If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be? Why?

Kevin Garnett, because I would love to see what it would be like to be that tall and to be one of the best post players EVER!!!

 27­ If you could do anything just once, what would it be? 

 Meet either Kevin Garnett or Michael Jordan!

 28­If we made a movie of your life what would it be called and who 

         would star in it? 

  T.House In the House, and it would STAR:






 29-Why did you decide to come to UWRF?

For the Elementary Education Program and to play basketball!

 30-What’s the best thing about UWRF in your experience so far?

All of my best friends!  aka my roommates: Tif, Alise, Maranda, Soye, and Kari




 32- The reason I picked my jersey number is that…

It’s the day I was born on Sept. 22 and it is the same number that I have had since I was in ninth grade.

 33-Favorite ice cream…

Butterfinger Blizzard

 34-Most exciting thing you did this summer…

Went to the Derks Bentley concert in a stretched Excursion!

 35-What do you look forward to most this season…

Growing and improving as a basketball player and being an AWESOME teammate!

 36-What are you looking forward to most this school year…

Having fun with my friends and teammates!

 37-What other sports did you play in High School…

Track my sophomore year.

 38-Favorite food…

Cheese Its

 39-Favorite movie…

A Walk to Remember

 40-If you could bring something from your hometown what would it be…

My Puppy Layla!

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