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40 Questions with UW River Falls Women’s Basketball Player Freshman Stephanie Walek

Posted by Falcons Fan on October 21, 2010

40 Questions with    Stephanie Walek

1­Parent(s) name(s): Gary and Mary Walek           

2­Home town and School:  Independence, Independence High

3­Major/Minor:   Biochemistry

4­My Friends Call Me: Steph

5­Favorite College Class: Chemistry

 6­Favorite Quote:  Good, better, best.  Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.  –Tim Duncan

7­What is your favorite spot on campus?: The University Center

8­What makes you laugh? When people make fools of themselves.

9­Advice I’d give a young athlete:  Have a good work ethic and always do your best.

10­In my free time I like to:  Draw, do anything active outside, go fishing 

11­Pre­game Superstition:  wearing the same sports bra for every game, washed of course.

12­One word that best describes me: Versatile

 13­Nobody knows how much I love to:  Go fishing!

14­If I weren’t playing basketball I would be: Running track and field

15­The best thing about attending UWRF (school or/and city) is: the campus

16­My dream job would be: researching and finding medical breakthroughs.

17­If you could be on the cover of a magazine, it would be? Why? Fitness because I really like that magazine and it would mean that I am a good role model and motivator for others.

18­My greatest sports moment was: My junior year of high school when I got fifth place pole vaulting at state and got on the podium.  It was also a huge accomplishment that my track team placed third at state with four people.

19­What would you like to learn and achieve this sports season?  I would like to learn to play with people other than the ones I have been playing with all my life thus far. I hope to make new friendships and work my hardest to become the best player I can be. 

20­Describe an ideal teammate:  Someone who is willing to push my limits, respects who I am, and admires the effort I put forth on the court.

21-My secret addiction is…pickles…I love them!

22­What is one word you hope to use to describe yourself in ten  years?   Successful

23­What’s one television show that you can’t miss each week? I don’t normally watch much t.v. but I do like the show Jeopardy.

 24-Before each game, I…try and have some quiet time by myself to prepare mentally for what I need to accomplish in the game.

 25­ What is your biggest pet peeve?  When people do not pass the basketball and try to make a one man team.

 26­ If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be? Why?  Alexander Fleming who is the founder of penicillin. It would be awesome to be credited with finding a drug that has helped and saved the lives of so many people.

27­ If you could do anything just once, what would it be?  Skydive

28­If we made a movie of your life what would it be called and who  would star in it?  It would be called “The Life Story of a Small Town Girl with Big Dreams” and I would be the main star, obviously. Otherwise my family, the McConnell family, and my friends would be in it. 

29-Why did you decide to come to UWRF? To get a good education and of course to play basketball.

30-What’s the best thing about UWRF in your experience so far? Meeting a lot of really fun and different people.

31-Hobbies…sports, spending time with my family and close friends, drawing, any outdoors activity, and fishing.

32- The reason I picked my jersey number is that… I like the number and it is close to my high school number which was 22.

 33-Favorite ice cream…mint chocolate chip

34-Most exciting thing you did this summer…went camping for a week with a family that I am really close with.

35-What do you look forward to most this season…the challenge of playing at the collegiate level and also playing with more experienced players.

36-What are you looking forward to most this school year…meeting new people and teachers and making bonds with them.

37-What other sports did you play in High School…volleyball and track and field

38-Favorite food…grilled cheese

39-Favorite movie…love and basketball

40-If you could bring something from your hometown what would it be…the ridge/country roads that I run on by my house and also my dog.

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