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Pellowski Hopes to Leave Injuries Behind

Posted by Falcons Fan on January 14, 2011

Forced to Sit Out the Rest of the 2010-11 Season with Ankle Injury
Sarah Hellier, UWRF Sports Information
1/14/2011 3:41:24 AM

“I don’t look into the future, just to next basketball season,” was the response from the UW-River Falls shooting guard, Lauren Pellowski, when she was asked about her plans for the future. It’s obvious that this 5-7 junior from St. Paul, Minn., is probably an “eat, sleep and basketball,” type of player. 

Falcon Head Coach Cindy Holbrook stated that, “Lauren is a great athlete, comfortable with the ball in her hand and she’s huge.” Pellowski got a little red in the face when Holbrook emphasized the “huge” part. On paper, Pellowski sounds like a great player, but there’s only one problem: she’s been injured the last two years and just recently declared that the rest of her season is over.

Pellowski’s first year on the UWRF basketball team was in 2007-08. She produced a total of 77 points and averaged 3.1 points per game. Not bad for a freshman. Four years later, Pellowski is suffering from an ankle injury that built up over time. She just decided around Christmas time that she was done for the season and needs surgery.

“I just want one good healthy season,” stated Pellowski after explaining her career of what seems to be one of constant injuries. However, because Pellowski got a medical red shirt from the year before, she still has another year of eligibility. Pellowski said, “The only time I cry is when they tell me I can’t play. But it’s nice that I have another year.” Pellowski’s injury last year involved the same ankle, but a different problem.

Holbrook commented about Pellowski’s injury, “ Anytime you lose a strong player it’s going to impact the team.” Seeing how athletic Pellowski is, it probably impacts her everyday life as well.
Pellowski said she has always loved sports “I was always really athletic as a kid.” When Pellowski was 18 she flew to California and did a triathlon with a friend from high school. When she was 21 she ran a half marathon in Stillwater, Minn. After Pellowski explained about the triathlon, Holbrook commented and said, “Yeah, she’s crazy.”

Pellowski figured out at a young age that basketball was the sport that fit her personality the best. “Softball was too slow, and there wasn’t enough scoring in soccer, but basketball was up-tempo and fit me the best.”  Pellowski played basketball for Tartan Senior High School in Oakdale, Minn.

She chose UW-River Falls because it was close to home and she loved the coaches. Pellowski has three sisters, one, Candace, that also goes to UWRF and plays on the women’s soccer team.

Pellowski is obviously not only an impact player on the UWRF women’s basketball team but also a very athletic and driven person in general. With the injuries she’s enduring, it has been difficult for her to accept a spot on the sidelines. However, Pellowski said she still attends every practice, game, film session and team dinner.

Holbrook stated, “Lauren is a tremendous leader on and off the court. Even with her injuries, she is still a vocal leader on the team. She has a personality that people want to follow.”

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Coach Holbrook Names Pellowski and Gregorich UW River Falls Women’s Basketball Captions for 2010-2011 season.

Posted by Falcons Fan on November 8, 2010

Juniors Lauren Pellowski and  Tiffany Gregorich were named  UWRF Women’s Basketball Captions for 2010-2011 season by Coach Cindy Holbrook

“Lauren and Tiffany just have an ability to lead,” Holbrook said “They has the respect of their teammates, their coaches and all their peers. I think they have the ability to be something special in that role.”

“These two young ladies have established themselves as the leaders of our program and we entrust them with the responsibility of setting the tone within the team,” added Coach Holbrook.
“As any coach will tell you, having strong captains and good leadership are important in creating a successful environment. With Tiffany and Lauren we feel like we have a great leadership team and  with two of them sharing this important responsibility, no one person will be solely responsible for doing all the little things that will be expected,” continued Coach Holbrook.

Here are additional comments from Coach Holbrook on video

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40 Questions with UW River Falls Women’s Basketball Player Junior Lauren Pellowski

Posted by Falcons Fan on September 22, 2010

1­Parent(s) name(s):

Connie & Neil LaMere


2­Home town and School: 

Oakdale, mn   Tartan hs



4­My Friends Call Me:


5­Favorite College Class:

Um… not sure if  I’ve found that yet!

6­Favorite Quote:  

“Go big or go home”

7­What is your favorite spot on campus?:


8­What makes you laugh? 

Brittany Gregorich!!! And anything funny!

9­Advice I’d give a young athlete:  

Work hard, give it all you got, play every game like its your last because it goes by fast!!!

10­In my free time I like to: 

Play games, hang with friends, watch movies, go dancing, play video games, nerf guns, scavenger hunts, anything fun!!!

11­Pre­game Superstition:  

12­One word that best describes me:  Outgoing

13­Nobody knows how much I love to: 

Make others happy, sleep

14­If I weren’t playing basketball I would be: 

 Bored and sleep more

15­The best thing about attending UWRF (school or/and city) is:

My friends

16­My dream job would be: 

Co hosting a show with Ellen

17­If you could be on the cover of a magazine, it would be? Why?

ESPN or Oprah

18­My greatest sports moment was: 

         In high school vs. hill

19­What would you like to learn and achieve this sports season? 

  A better shot, be quicker

20­Describe an ideal teammate: 

   Someone who works hard, hustles, talks, is up beat and brings energy, and always shows up

21-My secret addiction is…


22­What is one word you hope to use to describe yourself in ten 

         years?  Happy


23­What’s one television show that you can’t miss each week?

One tree hill


 24-Before each game, I… Play certain songs, eat a popsicle, read a quote


25­ What is your biggest pet peeve?  Um…

26­ If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be? Why?

      Ellen because she is funny and her job is fun or someone who gets to play games all day as their job, like a game tester!

27­ If you could do anything just once, what would it be? 

    Everything, I want to do everything once!

28­If we made a movie of your life what would it be called and who 

         would star in it? 

  Me, channing tatum, Sarah Shahi, and not sure the name yet


29-Why did you decide to come to UWRF?

  Basketball, location


30-What’s the best thing about UWRF in your experience so far?

Friends and basketball


31-Hobbies… playing games, watching movies



32- The reason I picked my jersey number is that…

My number has always been 5 and 25 was the next best thing!


33-Favorite ice cream… anything but I love anything with caramel!



34-Most exciting thing you did this summer…

Slip n slide in the rain, shuffleboard, basketball, dells, scavenger hunt, it was all exciting!


35-What do you look forward to most this season…

    Playing with everyone and winning conference


36-What are you looking forward to most this school year…



37-What other sports did you play in High School…



38-Favorite food…



39-Favorite movie…

Way to many to choose one!!!


40-If you could bring something from your hometown what would it be…

PINZ (a game place)

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